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Welcome to FxCop Integrator homepage

FxCop Integrator allows to integrate stand-alone FxCop and Code Metrics PoewrTool into VS2010. You can analysis your source code on VS2010 Pro.

What's New

  • Dec 11 2011
I've released FxCop Integrator 3.0.0 Preview 1.
Now you can use FxCop Integrator in VS11 Develop Preview!!
  • Dec 5 2011
I've published FxCop Integrator 2.0.0 RTW to VS Gallery.
Now you can install the latest version of FxCop Integrator from VS2010 Extension Manager!!
  • Dec 4 2011
I've released FxCop Integrator 2.0.0 RTW.

Getting Started

This extension is easy to use. If you installed FxCop and Code Metrics PowerTool to default location, you don't need to change settings.

You can analyze your code by right click on Solution or Project, and select [Code Analysis].
Code Analysis

After code analysis completed, FxCop Integrator shows code inspection result and code metrics calculation reuslt.
Code Inspection Result
Code Metrics Calculation Result
When you double-click a row of code inspection result, FxCop Integrator focus a violated code and shows FxCop rule detail.
Focus Violated Code
FxCop Integrator supports the search feature. You can find out specific violation information and metrics calculation result by simple search words.
For more details on search feature, please refer to this page or this page.
For more details on usage of this extension, please refer to this page.

What's Next

For more details on release plan, please refer to the roadmap page or the release schedule page.

I Welcome All Your Feedback

Please send me your feedback via Google+, Twitter or CodePlex issue tracker if you have any problems, feature requests, etc.

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