How to analyze with FxCop Project file


  • Step 1
Run FxCop.exe ([Start] > [All Programs] > [Microsoft FxCop] > [Microsoft FxCop 1.36] or [Microsoft FxCop 10.0]).
  • Step 2
Customize project (load assemblies, enable/disable rules, modify options, and so on).
  • Step 3
Save FxCop project to CodeAnalysis\CodeAnalysis.fxcop of Solution root folder.
You must not move/copy FxCop Project file from another location to CodeAnalysis folder because FxCop Project file contains path of code analysis target assemblies.
  • Step 4
Run Visual Studio 2010 if not yet.
  • Step 5
Right click on Solutoin and select [Code Analysis with FxCop].
  • Step 6
FxCop Integrator analyzes code with $(SolutionRoot)\CodeAnalysis\CodeAnalysis.fxcop.

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Galen2000 May 9, 2012 at 7:25 AM 
Do FxCop Integrator has opportunity to analyze with FxCop Project file not only whole solution but also each proect with it's own FxCop Project file? If not, do you plan to implement this?