How to use FxCop custom dictionary

FxCop Integrator supports to analyze your code with FxCop custom dictionary. Also, it supports to edit FxCop custom dictionary with the GUI editor.

FxCop dictionary editor

  • Step 1
Right-click on the solution and select [Context Menu] > [Edit FxCop Dictionary].
  • Step 2
Define words/terms (please refer to How to: Customize the Code Analysis Dictionary) and click [Save] or [Apply] button.

FxCop custom dictionary file

The created FxCop custom dictionary file is stored in $(SolutionDir)\CodeAnalysis\FxCopDictionary.xml.
When you analyze your code, FxCop Integrator automatically finds this file and use it if it exists. So, you can use an existing FxCop custom dictionary file if you copy it to above path.

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