General Options

General options
  • "Code Analysis" Command Behavior
The behavior of "Code Analysis" command. You can choose one of following options.
All: Performs both code inspection and code metrics calculation.
Code Inspection Only: Performs code inspection only.
Code Metrics Calculation Only: Performs code metrics calculation only.
  • FxCopCmd Path
The full path of FxCopCmd.exe. FxCop Integrator analyzes your code using FxCopCmd.exe that is specified by this option.
  • Metrics Path
The full path of Metrics.exe. FxCop Integrator calculates metrics of your code using Metrics.exe that is specified by this option.
  • Use External Web Browser
Whether or not FxCop Integrator opens a web page with external Web browser (the default Web browser of your user profile).

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