How to search violation information

FxCop Integrator supports the search feature to find out specific violation information by simple search words.

Basic Search

When you input any text to search box and press enter key (or click search button), FxCop Integrator will search violations that contain the specified search word in any column.
If you input two or more search words, FxCop Integrator will find out violations that contain all of them.
You can contain a white space in search word with ' or ".

Example :
  • Foo "Bar1 Bar2"

AND/OR Search and Grouping with Parenthesis

FxCop Integrator Search feature supports the logical operator AND and OR.
The default behavior is AND search.
But, if you want to specifically allow either one of several words, you can use the OR operator.

Example :
  • Foo AND Bar (This expression equals Foo Bar)
  • Foo OR Bar

FxCop Integrator also support parenthesis to group search words.

Example :
  • (Foo1 OR Foo2) AND Bar

Specific Column Search

You can search throught the specific column with a special keyword.
FxCop Integrator supports following keywords:

Keyword Description
kind (short form: k) searches through Kind column (most left column) only
project (short form: p) searches through Project column only
file (short form: f) searches through File column only
id searches through CheckId colum only
category (short form: c) searches through Category column only
message (short form: m) searches through Message column only

Example :
  • c:Foo AND m:Bar
  • (id:Foo1 OR id:Foo2) AND project:Bar

kind (k)

You can show only specific kind of metrics values with kind keyword.
FxCop Integrator supports following kinds:
  • module
  • namespace
  • resource
  • class
  • delegate
  • enum
  • interface
  • struct
  • constructor
  • event
  • field
  • method
  • property

Example :
  • kind = 'method'
  • k = 'class' or k = 'interface'

Note that you have to quote a right-hand operand with single quotation.


You can use following operators.

Operator Description
: Partial Matching
=: Prefix Searching
:= Suffix Searching

Example :
  • c:=Foo
  • project =: Foo AND message : Bar

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